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It's All About the Details

By | July 09, 2014

Whenever we have a printed piece for a client that includes a toll-free number we always double check it because if it's wrong it's going to be a number that you won't want a clients' customers calling (if you catch my drift). Besides being unprofessional, it will be very embarrassing. If I'm not familiar with the number, I'll actually call it myself to double check. It's a good practice for any and all phone numbers as well as web addresses. It only takes a few minutes to double check and that little bit of attention to details will pay off, big time.    

Category: Marketing Tip


Copyright Year

By Wendy Shannon | January 02, 2014

Copyright SymbolHappy New Year! Now that we're into 2014 it's important that the copyright on your web site includes the copyright symbol and the present year. Make sure you or your webmaster updates to include 2014. Just another way to protect yourself.



By Wendy Shannon | September 19, 2013

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